Andrew Braddick

Andrew is an experienced programme and project manager and in recent years has focussed on data science. As a trusted advisor, he is known for his superior planning and organisational skills and for bringing a fit for purpose and pragmatic approach to his work. He has been working in the New Zealand Public Sector for many years.

Andrew’s strengths include:

Clarity – he can see and communicate the big picture; he asks questions, makes connections, frames issues in a wider context, tests ideas to ensure that they resonate and communicates in plain language at all levels.

Energy and Openness – he has a positive and collaborative relationship engagement style; with a strong a determination to succeed, he works to develop a shared vision and purpose, building trust and gaining buy-in.

Analytical – his strong analytical skills are used to simplify the complex or ambiguous and he uses sound judgement to provide fresh thinking and evidence-based advice.

Delivery – he organises himself and others around the delivery of concrete practical results. He is a trusted and pragmatic manager, advisor and problem solver for leaders.