Project Recovery

Tenzing has built a strong reputation for our ability to recover the most difficult programmes and projects. Programme and project recovery is not a matter of following a checklist and removing the incumbent team as portrayed in many whitepapers. It is a balance of getting all stakeholders to share in responsibility for what has gone wrong and getting buy-in to success that meets mutual goals.

Most of our recovery engagements fall into the area of large scale, complex and IT enabled programmes and projects. Recovery projects usually have high visibility at CxO and Board level, they get talked about widely as people like to speculate and second guess the outcomes and stress levels increase.

Tenzing adopts an approach that includes:

  • Quickly identifying the big ticket issues and building an action plan and budget required to resolve them
  • Identifying the internal politics serving as a roadblock to success
  • Realign scope and programme/project stages to ensure delivery of benefits
  • Redesigning the delivery organisation structure, clarifying roles and responsibilities to meet modified budgets that are an inevitable part of the programme/project rescue
  • Reinvigorate the delivery team
  • Minimise any exposure to customers and suppliers
  • Replan or reframe the programme/project including governance to prevent re-ocurrence

Tenzing will commence recovery by undertaking a preliminary Programme /Project Healthcheck to quickly identify remedial actions required to bring a programme/project back on track or recommend closure.