Portfolio, Programme and Project Management Services

Portfolio, Programme and Project Management (P3M) Services are a fundamental part of our business and embedded within all our current solution offerings. We also offer Portfolio, Programme and Project Services to our clients as a standalone offering where a client needs leadership support for a particular business or technology initiative.

Tenzing’s P3M approach includes:

  • Management controls that ensure that the approach delivers defined and measurable business deliverables that will contribute to the achievement of agreed business objectives within agreed time, cost, quality and scope constraints;
  • Benefits management embedded within our approach to change. Performance metrics linked to, and underpinning, the recognition of benefits realisation;
  • Financial controls that are integrated with those of our client. Cost estimation techniques that are continually reviewed in terms of actual versus estimate comparisons to improve estimation within the project, programme or portfolio and throughout our client;
  • Optimised communications through engagement with, and development of extensive knowledge of, our stakeholders, to enable the project, programme or portfolio to achieve its change objectives and achieve stakeholder requirements;
  • Risk management embedded within the culture, and underpinning all decision making within the project, programme or portfolio, with a strong focus on costs, quality and timescales for delivery;
  • Issue management that is proactive and focused on successful delivery;
  • Clearly aligned decision-making processes that adopt and integrate with broader client governance and which are transparent to all those involved with the project, programme or portfolio;
  • An organisational structure with defined roles and responsibilities and strong focus on management and coordination;
  • Optimal resource deployment with a strong focus on capacity planning to meet delivery needs and load balancing to ensure effective use of both client and Tenzing resources across the project, programme or portfolio;
  • Quality management, focusing on fit-for-purpose outputs based on requirements.
  • Independent health, situation and/or quality project, programme or portfolio assessments and Gateway review preparation and/or pre-assessment.
  • Up skilling and bespoke support to staff in existing or new P3M roles.

Tenzing has consultants experienced and certified in a number of project and programme management methodologies including Agile, Prince 2, MSP, PMI PMP and our consultants all have access to, and training in, our own Tenzing Project Management methods. We would typically look to configure our project management approach based on our clients existing project, programme or portfolio management methods and requirements.