Virtual DBA for Netezza

Monitor, manage, maintain”

Tenzing has been providing Netezza support services to our technology partners and their customers for many years.  We are able to provide outsourced and insourced solutions to meet your specific business requirements.

Choose as much or little as you need - you determine level of support your organisation requires and we will provide the resources and capability on demand.

Tenzings experienced team can help you to tailor and customise the range of services you require including:

  • Configuration of the software monitoring for the Netezza environment
  • Management, evaluation and installation of any Netezza required software patches
  • Undertaking corrective actions in response to software monitoring to maintain and/or restore service
  • Undertaking any infrastructure work required by the Netezza software
  • Providing secondary support for your applications team for problem resolution
  • Providing consultation services around the setup, configuration and industry best practices with respect to Netezza solution