Enterprise Search

To complement our Enterprise Data Management, Enterprise Content Management, and general development capabilities, Tenzing are able to offer Enterprise Search solutions using Google Enterprise products.”

Google Enterprise Search solutions are designed to let clients search and unlock valuable enterprise information within their corporate firewall.  Our broad experience across multiple technologies and industries makes it possible to open up access to content within third party systems (such as content management, database and document management systems), the corporate intranet and file servers whilst ensuring that enterprise security, integrity and privacy policies are adhered to.

Google offers products that can meet your enterprise search needs - the primary search product is the Google Search Appliance.   When used inside the corporate firewall, the Google Search Appliance makes it easy to discover and retrieve the information stored in the corporate intranet, web servers, file servers, content management systems and more. They allow discovery of information stored in more than 220 different file formats and in over 109 different languages.

The Google Search Appliance is designed for customers who, in addition to receiving highly relevant results, need to search across a larger set of documents (up to 30 million), access information stored in third party systems (content management systems, databases, document management systems), require enhanced security integration, and need to support a larger number users.

Google Enterprise products make your users more productive by combining the innovation and ease of use of Google's consumer products with the features, security and support that your organisation requires.