Master Data Management

Analysing your current business processes, Tenzing consultants will assist you to implement Master Data Management processes to manage, distribute and quality-assure master data within your organisation.  This will enable you to:

  • Define master data elements for your business
  • Understand the issues relating to your master data
  • Improve master data quality
  • Streamline master data creation and maintenance processes.

Master Data Management for SAP

Tenzing has been an SAP partner for over 15 years and has been implementing SAP at many of New Zealand's leading organisations. As the complexity of our client's business systems increase, there has been a growing need for Master Data Management solutions .

SAP Master Data Management (MDM) enables companies to consolidate and harmonise their master data within different IT landscapes. It delivers reduced data maintenance costs, ensures cross-system data consistency, accelerates the execution of business processes, greatly improving decision-making.

SAP MDM aggregates master data from disparate sources, both SAP and non-SAP, using predefined or customisable data models for customers, vendors and suppliers, employees, products, material, etc, enabling you to import entire master data schemas or structures as well as master-data values and taxonomy information. During data cleansing, you can carry out various operations, such as duplication and normalisation, ID mapping, matching and merging, staging, interactive data-quality analysis, and ad hoc consolidation services.

Our consultants are well versed with MDM principles and how applications treat, manage and maintain master data.