Data Warehouse

Typically, the best business decisions are made when all relevant data is at hand and taken into consideration. The best place to store data to make informed decisions is a data warehouse. A well-designed data warehouse will provide you with accessible, relevant and timely data. It will reduce the cost of data storage, facilitate data mining, and back up your data at a business level.

Tenzing’s Dedicated Data Warehouse Consultants can help you plan and implement all aspects of your data warehouse projects including:

  • Technical audit and quality assurance review
  • Planning and design (see figure below)
  • Deployment of data warehouse technology
  • ‘Active’ data warehouse integration via EAI
  • Programme governance

Tenzing’s Data Warehouse Design and Implementation



By providing end-to-end support for your entire data process, Tenzing Consultants add value by:

  • Minimising risk through overall programme and stakeholder management
  • Ensuring architecture and governance consistency
  • Ensuring timely and cost effective delivery