Enterprise Data Management

Gaining business value from information assets depends on the effective use of data management technologies and best practices. Key components include data integration, data quality, database management systems, data warehousing and enterprise information management. - source Gartner”

Data is likely to be one of your greatest business assets. While well managed data lies at the heart of successful businesses, few have an effective data and information management strategy in place.

You may struggle with the increasing complexity of data and invest in the latest technology solutions, but fail to address the real challenges of information management. More and more, accurate data and information is needed to better understand customers and their specific needs, identify risks, deliver targeted services, manage costs and achieve optimal results.

Tenzing’s dedicated team of Enterprise Data Management (EDM) professionals use a unique methodology combined with the latest applications and technology solutions. Our methodology focuses beyond technology, into people, process, organisation and strategy. This approach lets us align your business priorities with a strategic solution, enabling information to deliver long-term value.

Tenzing’s investment in MIKE2.0 (Method for an Integrated Knowledge Environment)

Tenzing is passionate about shaping the future of the information management industry. Our EDM team has a strong association with MIKE2.0 , an open source information community, and leverages the framework to organise our internal collateral. 

MIKE2.0 provides a framework for information development and sets out to establish industry standards. Content is available through a creative commons licensing model, which all business can access and use.  

What are the benefits of MIKE2.0?

Some of the key benefits of MIKE2.0 for users and the industry include:

  • Accessible and proven methodologies from varying industries and countries
  • A common language for customers, software and hardware vendors, and service providers
  • Reduced risk and cost of delivering information management projects through industry standards
  • Network opportunities for Information Management Specialists
  • Improved project quality through incorporating best practices.

Tenzing encourages all Information Management Specialists to visit MIKE2.0 and be part of this growing community.