Records Management

Effective records management safeguards physical and electronic records, reduces security risk, and controls business costs. Tenzing implements comprehensive Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS) that integrate document management and records management capabilities.

Our solutions allow consultants to work with clients to design, develop and deploy solutions that meet business challenges and achieve tangible benefits.


This thorough approach covers:

  • Operational compliance
  • Records management and administration
  • Records declaration and classification
  • FilePlan administration
  • Retention scheduling
  • Reporting functionalities

Our solutions also enable businesses to comply with regulatory requirements and internal policies associated with retaining and disposing of records. Tenzing supports the record keeping framework introduced by the Public Records Act 2005, and is familiar with Archives New Zealand standards and guidelines.

Tenzing can design a Records Management solution that will help your organisation to streamline processes to automate manual user and administrator activities throughout the record lifecycle.