Tenzing is very aware of the impact that business can have on the environment and we make every effort to minimise our footprint”

We continue to work at lowering our environmental footprint by incorporating good business practices with sustainable environmental awareness through a range of initiatives:

  • Using local staff in Wellington and Auckland, where possible, for engagements
  • Booking multiple meetings when out of town to effectively use travel
  • Using our Tenzing intranet and e-mail to communicate information electronically
  • Using electronic payslips to reduce paper use
  • Minimising printing where possible by encouraging the use of e-mail and electronic formats
  • Using double-sided printing and encouraging the use of multipage printing
  • Using black and white printing, rather than colour whenever possible
  • Using energy efficient light bulbs and turning off lights in rooms that are not in use
  • Using Green Cabs when we have an option
  • Walking to local meetings
  • Using telephone conference bridges, video conferencing and skype facilities to conduct meetings

Tenzing continues to look for opportunities that we can incorporate into our business to reduce our impact on the environment.