Financial Services

It goes without question that the financial world changed without much prior warning. The challenge now is to ensure you always stay one step ahead, and do it with agility.”

Tenzing works closely with clients across the industry from banking and capital markets, to insurance. With industry experience, our management and technology team delivers solutions that help our clients solve their most pressing problems.

These challenges include management of explosive data growth, reporting of critical business intelligence and customer analytics, and implementation of service-orientated architecture, to name just a few. 


The financial crisis has led to fundamental changes in the banking industry and it soon became apparent that there are significant interdependencies in a business that is based locally, but operating in a global market. Our banks face many challenges:

  • How can they optimise their marketing and sales strategy to retain their customers and retain confidence?
  • How can they ensure that their client base continues to grow, while also increasing profitability?
  • How can changing regulations and requirements from the regulating authorities be implemented quickly and efficiently?
  • How can new technologies be used to gain competitive advantage by improving offering, service and quality while further reducing cost?


Since the 1990s, insurance markets worldwide have been going through major changes.

Today insurers need to find the right balance between continuing to add value for clients with increasingly complex demands, and implementing new technologies to reduce costs. Tomorrow’s winners will be those firms which effectively align their technologies with their business and IT strategies and execute internal initiatives as efficiently as possible. Key questions are:

  • How can they gear operations and IT for flexibility and security across functions and geographies, while responding to customers’ demands for individual service?
  • How can they optimise customer engagement in a digital world – anyone, anytime?
  • How can they make better capital investments decisions?
  • How can you find the right balance between business and IT strategy?
  • How can you optimise current IT architecture while complying with policyholders’ needs?