Commercial Services

The highly competitive consumer market is increasingly challenging as customers drive for better value and businesses continue to strive to retain margins and market share.”

In this fast changing environment, Tenzing works closely with clients to identify customer-orientated solutions with a focus on improving efficiency and leveraging existing assets.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

Whether manufacturer or retailer, wholesaler or distributor - companies serving consumers must make better use of all the assets available to them. Even as they create new products and services, companies must routinely scrutinise their operations to find ways to increase efficiency. Tenzing's worked with many of New Zealand's household names - from leading retailers to multi-national consumer products manufacturers. We have been involved in providing strategic guidance and implementing the practical use of critical business processes. We have extensive experience in key functional areas, including customer relationship management, supply chain management, risk management and world-class finance.

Today, sophisticated and market conscious consumers create intense competition and cost-control pressures, forcing businesses to keep a sharp eye on bottom-line results, while not losing sight of the very consumers they were built to serve. Factor in traditionally lean margins and the drive to generate top-line revenue, and you have an overriding business imperative not only to grow, but to grow smartly. To compete more effectively, all the players in the demand chain need practical, innovative problem solving. Two such approaches include reducing costs through advanced supply chain practices, and growing revenue through a better understanding of consumer needs and behaviour. Together, both approaches can link up-stream and down-stream activities for a more synchronous -and profitable- business environment.

At Tenzing, we listen to our clients' specific needs and then work with them to create an actionable and sustainable approach.


Today's customers demand personalisation, identity, productivity improvement and content relevance. At the same time, they want simplicity, reliability, security and value. Convergence helps communication companies deliver greater value for the customer and create new revenue streams. Tenzing works closely with leading communications companies to improve these revenue generating units. We address the complexities of the industry to make convergence not only possible, but profitable as well.

Where is convergence coming from? Three underlying elements make converged services possible:

  • Digitisation
  • Networks
  • Technology platforms

Content digitisation, network distribution and technology platforms create incremental value when converged. Common digital formats provide a gateway to public and personal content. When combined with global IP networks, providing ubiquitous access able to be displayed on standard user devices, you create a powerful proposition for the subscriber. While this scenario sounds straightforward in theory, in reality identifying the most attractive market opportunities in which to invest, is difficult. Market segmentation is a constant while operational support systems are in a state of flux. Remember, if you build it, they may not come.

A converged environment creates a communications industry characterised by a host of complex managerial and operational questions:

Where can higher-margin opportunities be found?

Which assets are relevant to your new converged offerings?

How do you leverage your existing network?

Where are your organisational deficiencies?

Are IT systems positioned to interface to your new convergence partners?

At Tenzing, we work with clients to create products and services that drive subscriber value, and create support systems that consistently deliver outstanding customer experience. We provide assistance with new product development, fixed mobile convergence, content management, VoIP, and much more.


Continuing evolution and market deregulation are moving energy companies from regulated monopolies into market driven suppliers of energy and related services. Alongside this, climate change, global markets for fuel and the government’s policy changes in an increasingly integrated global market are creating challenges for the energy market in New Zealand.

Successful energy companies must respond to both local and global regulatory and market developments in a flexible and adaptable manner while maintaing their cost base. These utilities need tools and the right capabilities to address the challenges of changing market and economic conditions, while managing the delivery of their energy services to customers at a commercially equitable price.

At Tenzing, we keep a close eye on these changing and sometimes volatile markets, and based on our consultants' extensive knowledge and experience, as well as our proven methodologies, we work with our clients, bringing world-class solutions.