Wholesale Interconnect Reporting Data Mart

Tenzing implemented a robust, scalable, flexible and efficient data architecture that - for the first time - enables the Client to determine the true cost of their wholesale and retail offerings.”

In 1989 the New Zealand government deregulated the communications sector, which opened the way for competition in the New Zealand market.  In 1999, the client merged with another New Zealand based company.  Further consolidation ensued, resulting with the Client becoming wholly owned, and one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies.


As a result of its history, the Client’s system landscape is complex.  It is made up of a combination of legacy systems and small databases held together by a combination of automated, semi-automated and manual processes.

While manual processes and existing systems are effective, they can be resource intensive and decrease the organisation’s ability to respond quickly to changes in market conditions. Some of the wholesale products provided by the Client are very high in volume but low in mark-up, incurring large daily losses.


Tenzing implemented an Interconnect Rating System that rated all traffic between the Client and other carriers using a variety of scenarios that are representative of the Client’s wholesale and retail offerings. In addition, a real-time data mart was implemented, allowing analysts and business users to run pre-scanned and customised queries on detailed, high volume call data. The data mart is continuously refreshed with new source data records. The business required interconnect data be available in the reporting mart within half an hour of retrieval from the switch. Tenzing defined and implemented a robust, scalable, flexible and efficient data architecture that included:

  • Fast extraction, transformation and loading of interconnect data encapsulating the data load process in a transaction
  • Optimised data structures allowing analysts to efficiently query several terabytes of data
  • Compression strategies were implemented enabling the business to minimise storage costs
  • Detailed business metadata were made available within reporting tools
  • Robust audit reporting allowing the business to verify all data was loaded correctly and on time
  • Failover and recovery mechanism that was straightforward to manage.


The system was delivered on time and under budget and has resulted in recovery of a large amount of lost revenue for Wholesale.  The cost of implementing the system was recovered within the first year of operation.

The business is, for the first time, able to determine the true cost of their wholesale and retail offerings. They have incorporated this cost data into the cost of goods sold (COGS) framework previously implemented by Tenzing as part of the enterprise data warehouse implementation.

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