Policy Development Process Improvement

Tenzing was brought on board to enhance information systems across the organisation to inform policy, operational and administrative practice. ”

The client was an information-centric organisation with a strategic aim to build knowledge and expertise, focussed on building the capability and skills of staff.


The core challenge was to assist the client to better manage and share their information assets within the organisation and support their vision of becoming thought leaders within New Zealand. 

The client desperately needed a way to collaborate through the process of document development and creation of Official Correspondence.

The policy development process had become cumbersome to follow, proving to be inefficient during development and overall less secure.


Tenzing was selected as the development partner for the client's Knowledge Management project.  Specifically, Tenzing assisted with the following:

  • Development of a Knowledge Management Vision and Strategy, including development and prioritisation of detailed user requirements
  • Development of a solution using the solution set (FileNet, SharePoint, BEA and Verity) selected during the RFP process that integrated the business, user, technology and budgetary needs
  • Successful implementation of the solution set, including an organisational change process that maximised uptake and buy-in
  • Ensured the desired culture change, as it emerged in the new organisation’s strategic planning, was supported and enhanced by the project.


This was a significant project as it was aimed at enhancing information systems across the organisation to inform policy, operational and administrative practice.  The project had a pilot user group of 250 users potentially expanding to 2500 users organisation-wide. The results included:

  • The replacement of the old custom built document management system (eVault) and associated systems with a robust and modern information management system
  • Better management of and sharing of information assets - streamlined and effective management of the Official Correspondence Proces.
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness of the policy development process as new standards and templates supported key business processes ensuring consistency across the organisation.