Plant Manager KPI Portal

Delivering information in a simple, consistent and easy to access manner, enabling Plant & Site Managers to monitor and manage their factories in a standardised manner.”

A leading multinational dairy company, who is the world's largest exporter of dairy products and a leader in large-scale milk procurement, processing and management. Its global supply chain encompasses shareholders' farms through to customers and consumers in 140 countries.


Provide Plant Managers with access to fast, one-stop, detailed plant-level information, relevant to daily and weekly operations.   Most of this information was already available in the Operations Data Warehouse, but had not been delivered in a simple, consistent and easily accessible manner across Operations.


Tenzing 's primary role was to lead and manage the definition and development of the KPI Portal for all 126 factories across the client's Operations.

This solution included:

  • New tab on existing Portal – “Plant Managers”
  • Dashboard – for each factory
  • Detailed Drill Downs
  • User documentation – FAQs, Colour Coding Explanation, Glossary of Terms
  • Plant Manager KPIs Help Desk

KPI Areas available today:

  • Yield
  • Grade
  • Attainment
  • Compliance
  • Incidents


The completion of this project has provided the Operations business with a consistent set of metrics and measures across all plants and sites. Plant & Site Managers can get easy access to all the information they require to monitor and manage their factories and do so in a standardised manner.