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Tenzing was engaged to assist with developing a new Order to Cash process to assist in enhancing the Customer Experience, while delivering material cost savings to the business.”
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Tenzing worked with TelstraClear's team to improve its customers experience within the Order to Cash process.  TelstraClear Limited is New Zealand's second largest full service telecommunications company, providing products and services to  business, government, wholesale and residential sectors.

Created from the integration of TelstraSaturn Limited and CLEAR Communications Limited in December 2001, TelstraClear serves over 300,000 business and residential customers in every major city and in over 30 regional centers, representing more than 11% of the New Zealand market.


Having evolved via a number of mergers, the process from order through to receipt of cash was inconsistent across the business, involving systems not integrated exacerbated by a lack of consistent controls and accountabilities.


Tenzing was engaged to assist with developing a new Order to Cash process to assist the organisation to transition to a company focusing on the customer ensuring an enhanced experience, while delivering material cost savings to the business. Tenzing was engaged to provide project management, change management and business analysis services for the Order to Cash business improvement project. This involved process improvement spanning order handling, provisioning, billing and collections.

Tenzing worked to confirm the scope of the project, provided a process performance table, current state business assessment, future state business process design, organisational change readiness assessment and a journey map for the change management deliverables and activities to be performed during the project. Following on from the journey map, the change strategy, stakeholder assessment and communication strategy and plan were developed and implemented.


Client cycle times were improved leading to increased customer satisfaction.

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